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It’s Game On with IV Hydration at Our Downtown Vegas Pop-Up Bar!

Ready to tackle Super Bowl 2024 in Vegas with peak energy and health? Facey Stacey Health Spa, in an electrifying collaboration with BEATSXBEERS, brings you the ultimate pre-game boost at our Downtown Vegas Pop-Up Shot Bar!

On February 8, 2024, join us for an exhilarating hydration experience designed to keep you vibrant and healthy amidst the Sin City festivities.


Why IV Hydration?

  • Party-Proof Your Body: Revel in Vegas’ legendary parties while safeguarding your health. Our IV hydration therapy is your shield against the dehydration that often accompanies those thrilling nights out.
  • Boost Your Immunity: With our OMG Shot Package, featuring B12 and Immunity shots, you’re not just prepping for a game; you’re armoring your body against the onslaught of germs that travel and crowds can bring.
  • Stay Energized: Forget post-party fatigue! Our IV drips are packed with nutrients to keep your energy soaring, ensuring you don’t miss a beat of the Super Bowl excitement.

    Experience the Ultimate Pre-Game in Vegas:

  • Quick Recovery: If the Vegas night gets the best of you, our IV hydration is your fastest route to recovery, replenishing your body with essential fluids and vitamins.


  • Location: Join us at our strategically placed pop-up in the heart of Downtown Vegas.
  • Exclusive Collaboration: Facey Stacey Health Spa x BEATSXBEERS – a duo that understands how to party healthily and heartily.
  • For the Vegas Revelers: Whether you’re here for the game, the parties, or the pure Vegas experience, our IV hydration therapies are tailored to ensure you enjoy every moment, hangover-free and with your health in check.

Don’t Miss Out: Slots are limited! Secure your spot and elevate your Super Bowl weekend experience. Let’s make your time in Vegas unforgettable – healthily, energetically, and fabulously.

Book Now: Visit  or call us at (810) 210-8227to reserve your IV hydration session. Get ready to experience Vegas like never before!

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