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Stop Saying Tomorrow, Lose Weight Today
Every day is another chance to change your life

Medically Supervised Weight Loss in Novi, MI

At one point in our lives, we have all said “I just want to lose a couple pounds”. Whether you’re trying to fit into your “skinny” shorts or want to increase your metabolism, fad diets and over exerting yourself at the gym shouldn’t add to your weight loss stress.

Instead, put the power to transform your body back into your own hands with the Facey Stacey medically supervised weight loss program. With extensive educational information and treatments, Facey Stacey professionals can turn your weight loss idea into a reality.

The Weight a Minute Program

The Facey Stacey Weight a Minute program is a holistic approach to medical weight loss. Here you’ll have support from our registered dietitian and medical professionals and learn how you can make a change to your weight loss tactics. Discover how inflammation can cause weight gain, what a healthy diet can do for you physically and mentally, and how additional treatments can assist in the weight loss boost you’ve needed.

This comprehensive medically supervised weight loss program is prioritized to be not only informational, but conversational. We want you to be open and honest about your habits, goals, and expectations and we’ll do the same on our end. Facey Stacey is the only health and wellness spa in the Novi area that merges medical weight loss with the Venus Legacy technology—providing you with a two-in-one opportunity to lose weight and feel better in your skin.

Our Facey Stacey weight loss clients are imaginative women who are sick and tired of cringy standards and one-size fits all treatment plans. Together, we will shape a new beginning of what’s ideal

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One-On-One Support Tailored Just for You

At Facey Stacey, we have implemented a business model we like to call CAL—consult, activate, lifestyle. Our medically supervised weight loss program is designed to support, encourage, and produce results that best suit your needs. With our three-step weight loss process, including a consultation, activation phase, and lifestyle phase, you’ll discover your body in new ways and learn how you can continue these weight loss methods for years to come.

Our professionals will conduct an extensive consultation with you to determine overall goals and gain a better understanding of your body. We’ll then start you on our client activation phase, where you’ll receive bi-weekly injections and IV vitamin infusions, accompanied by at-home supplements, dietary support, and much more. From here, you’ll transition to the lifestyle phase, where our licensed dietitian and medical supervisors will guide you through how to implement this new mindset into your everyday life.

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Medical Weight
Loss Benefits

  • Customizable program
  • Support & accountability
  • Medically administered
  • Helps maximize efforts
  • Safe & effective
  • Break unhealthy habits
  • Reduce blood pressure/sugar
  • Increased chances of success
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New Client

  • Physical assessment & vitals
  • Thorough medical history discussion
  • Body weight and fat analysis
  • Body measurement data
  • 6 Lead EKG
  • Diagnostic lab work review
  • Physician telehealth visit
  • Setup patient portal

Client Activation

  • Weekly injections
  • IV vitamin infusions
  • Home supplements
  • Measurements
  • Weight & vitals
  • Physical assessment
  • Detox sauna
  • Dietary support
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  • Weekly injections until maintenance dosage achieved
  • Transition to home self-care with optional in-person visits
  • Continued access to our private Facebook group
  • Enroll in our monthly maintenance program
  • IV drip once monthly
  • Partner with health and wellness vendors and get Facey Stacey Family Discounts

Medical Weight Loss FAQs

Your medical weight loss program will last a total of 8 weeks, with one 45-minute session each week. During your appointment, you’ll meet with our dietitian and medical professionals to discuss your progress, receive specified treatments, and discuss the struggles or successes of the past week.

We offer VIP concierge service for up to a 60-mile radius for an additional financial commitment. Our registered nurses will deliver your service directly to the comfort of your home and you can relax knowing you won’t have to cancel or miss an appointment.

At Facey Stacey, we don’t just send you home with medications and leave you hoping for the best. We give you exactly what you need. Using our CAL method, your body is supported nutritionally with IV vitamin therapy, spiritually with dietary and nutritional support, and physically with non-invasive treatments that target fat loss only in your specific problem area.

We don’t believe in a one-size fits all solution. Here we put the tools for progress and growth into your hands, simply guiding you along the way.

Our Weight Loss Options

This Season’s Diamond

We’ll provide you with a step-by-step process to lose fat and turn the ideal body you want from a fleeting idea into lifelong results. This package also includes a fat reduction procedure for eight weeks on one area of the body with our Venus Legacy technology.

Lady Whistledown

You will receive a step-by-step process on how to lose fat and turn the ideal body you want from a fleeting idea into lifelong results.

What Are You Weighting For?

You can feel confident in your body. You can fit into those jeans again. You can make the changes you’ve always wanted. Words of affirmation only get you so far, but when backed up by dietitians and medical professionals at Facey Stacey, those words you’ve been reciting in the mirror can come to fruition. Take your weight loss journey one step further with our medically supervised weight loss program. Learn more about your body and how it functions while gaining insight from professionals on how you can see results that will last a lifetime.

If you’re ready to take charge and feel confident in your skin again, contact Facey Stacey in Novi, MI to set up a consultation. Your dream body is just 8-weeks away—let’s get started.

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