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Look Good, Feel Good
Individualized non-invasive aesthetic treatments

Health & Wellness Services in Novi, MI

As a health and wellness spa dedicated to providing inclusive treatments for all skin types, we offer preventative wellness and nonsurgical aesthetic services to help women live long healthy lives. Stop wrinkles in their tracks, eliminate stubborn fat cells, provide your body with proper nutrients, and stay hydrated each day with our unique and customizable service options.

Body Sculpting

Lift, tone, smooth, and firm your body with our body sculpting treatments. Designed to diminish wrinkles and sagging skin, each of our sculpting services will help you regain a more defined body shape.

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Lipotropic Injections

Accelerate your weight loss journey by helping your body eliminate fat. With our lipotropic injections, fat deposits will decrease while your metabolism increases—helping you burn the calories you’ve been trying to diminish.

Vitamin Injections

Deliver vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants directly into your body with one of our vitamin injections.

  • Lipo Slim
  • B12 Shot
  • Zofran
  • Skinny Shot Package

Fat Burner Supplements

With this weight loss aid, containing vitamins and minerals, you’ll feel more full after each meal, curbing the appetite for late-night snacking and overeating. Our fat burner supplements consist of a spray and two supplements—supporting healthy gut hormones and appetite control.

Medically Supervised
Weight Loss

The Facey Stacey medically supervised weight loss program provides you with extensive educational information and treatments to improve your weight loss journey. This customizable program offers full support and guidance to increase your chances of permanent weight loss change.

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Pamper your skin and feel as fresh-faced as a celebrity with the Facey Stacey facial treatments. These non-invasive, medical-grade facials will cleanse pores, detoxify the skin, eliminate blackheads, and so much more.

IV Hydration

Bounce back from long travel days, replenish after a workout, keep skin clean and clear, and rehydrate your body with a personalized IV hydration drip.

  • Beauty Drip
  • Skinny Drip
  • Hangover Drip
  • Rehydrate Mini
  • Meyers Cocktail
  • Athletic Drip

A Wellness Spa You Can Count On

Each of our services is designed with you in mind. Whether you strive to stay hydrated after a night out on the town or have been struggling to keep your weight under control, our health and wellness treatments can support a thriving lifestyle. Our professionals spare no effort to address your concerns and expectations while determining a unique and personalized treatment plan that’s right for you.

If you’re ready to take control of your skin, body, and overall well-being, contact us today to discover how Facey Stacey can help.

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